We are sometimes asked what our 'day job' is. Well, believe it or not being performers and musicians is in fact our day job! We work together as Lotus, both busking in Covent Garden and out on various gigs but we all have other projects on the go too. For example, Charlotte's 'day job' is as an actor. Apart from her many TV and stage appearances you may also have seen her on a Body Form advert that went viral and has at last count had nearly 5.5 million views on youtube! For more info and her show reel here is a link to her webpage.


Bertie, Emma & Mitch also have another band called The BeauBowBelles where they perform their own original songs. If you'd like to hear their music then check out their website www.theBeauBowBelles.com. In the meatime, check out their music video for their song Weightless.